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Our Policies

Privacy Policies

1.1 Thinkpoint respects the privacy of all clients, staff and partners and is committed to protecting personal information provided.

1.2 This policy and procedure outlines how Thinkpoint handles personal information including;
I. Collection and safeguarding of personal information
II. Use and disclosure of personal information,
III. Client rights to access their personal information.

1.3 Thinkpoint complies with both the National Privacy Principles and the Information Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Amendment Act (2000) and the Victorian Information Privacy Act (2000).

1.4 This policy is implemented in compliance with the requirements of the NVR’s Essential Standards for Initial Registration SNR 6.4.

1.5 For many services provided, Thinkpoint is required to collect personal information including the client’s name, address, contact details and information specific to the service being delivered.

1.6 Collection is by lawful and fair means and is not unreasonably intrusive.

1.7 When collecting personal and sensitive information, Thinkpoint ensures that clients are made aware of:
I. Thinkpoint’s identity and how to contact us
II. their right to access their personal information
III. the purpose for collection
IV. the organisation/s we disclose their personal information to
V. any law that requires the particular information to be collected
VI. the consequences, if any, for the client if they do not provide the information required

1.8 Thinkpoint makes every effort to collect personal information directly from the individual client. Where this is not possible, such as when a client is referred by a third party or when taking group enrolments, Thinkpoint contacts each individual client to ensure they are aware of the points listed above.

1.9 Thinkpoint collects sensitive information only when the client has given written consent.

2.0 Thinkpoint ensures information provided remains private and protected from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Security measures in place include;
I. Individual password access to systems and databases
II. Secure filing cabinets
III. Secure storage and office facilities

2.1 Access to information is restricted to the relevant authorized staff.

2.2 Information deemed inaccurate, irrelevant or out of date is destroyed in a way that renders it unusable, ie. shredded.

2.3 Thinkpoint will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date.

2.4 Thinkpoint will provide an individual with access to personal information it holds on that person upon request (at no cost). Client will be asked to provide evidence of identity eg drivers license or bank card. Where an individual can show that information held about them is not accurate, current or complete, Thinkpoint will take reasonable steps to correct that information.

2.5 Thinkpoint will only assign unique identifiers to individuals where it is necessary or directed by legislation in order to carry out one or more of its functions or activities. 2.6 Thinkpoint will not make this unique identifier available to others and will not adopt, as its own, a unique identifier that has been assigned by another agency. (unless required by the NVR or by law).

Refund Policies

1.1 If an enrolment is cancelled more than 5 days prior to commencement of the course all fees will be refunded.

1.2 If an enrolment is cancelled within 5 days of commencement of the course or the client does not commence on the agreed date, or withdraws from the course once it has commenced there will be no refund of fees paid to date, unless the circumstances in item 4.3 of this procedure exist.

1.3 A full refund will be provided to the client prior to commencement where:
I. Illness prevents the client from taking up the course;
II. Illness of a close family member of the client (parent, sibling, spouse or child); or
III. Other special or extenuating circumstances are accepted at the discretion of Thinkpoint Clients must provide original and verifiable documentary evidence to Thinkpoint in support of the grounds listed in paragraphs I, II, III Where evidence can be successfully provided to support the client’s circumstances, course fees may be transferred to the next available course where applicable. This decision of assessing the extenuating circumstances rests with Thinkpoint and shall be assessed on a case by case basis.

1.4 It is the responsibility of the client to provide written advice of withdrawal, by completing a Withdrawal form. This form is available from Advice of withdrawal made by telephone will not be accepted.

1.5 Courses can be deferred to the next available intake where extenuating circumstances exist.

1.6 All clients can apply for refunds by completing the course refund/ withdrawal form.

1.7 Course refund/ withdrawal forms may be requested from Thinkpoint by email from

1.8 Clients requiring assistance with completing course withdrawal / refund forms may contact for assistance.

1.9 Course refund/ withdrawal forms must be submitted along with supporting documentation to Thinkpoint by email to

1.10 Refund/ withdrawal requests will be approved/ denied within in 15 working days of receipt.

1.11 Refunds are made in the same manner fees were paid. If a client paid fees through credit card, the refund amount will be credited to the credit card; and same holds for other methods of payments.

1.12 All clients will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application along with reasons why it was declined (if appropriate).

1.13 Clients have the right to access the Complaints and appeals policy and procedure if they wish to appeal the decision. Complaints and appeals must be lodged within 20 working days of receiving notification of the decision.

More information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your trainers help me after hours or with my studies?

ThinkPoint offers flexible delivery options in Education and Training and will work with clients to compose programs to suit individual needs and commitments. Students may contact their trainer for support and assistance outside of scheduled face to face contact times.

Can I study online?

No, but we do have correspondence and face to face in a classroom format. ThinkPoint offers flexible delivery options in Education and Training and will work with clients to compose programs to suit individual needs and commitments. Students may contact their trainer for support and assistance outside of scheduled face to face contact times.

Are there any payment plans if I can't pay in full?

Yes, we can work out a plan which suits your financial situation.

How many hours each week should I study?

It’s always recommended that you study but the amount of hours you study is dependant of the course your are taking. We will recommend the appropriate amount of study hours as part of your course curriculum.